Wiedenmann UK brings supersize toSaltex stand A080

Wiedenmann UK is going big and bold for Saltex.

The 2.1 m Terra Spike XD8 deep aerator combines speed with a working depth up to 27.5 cm. It brings a host of class leading H&S initiatives, like shock absorbing and anti-vibration mechanisms. Favoured by contractors for its size, it remains incredibly neat and smooth.

Even wider is the 3.5 m bat wing Terra Rake for scarifying, thatch removal and soil conditioning. Twice as big as the ever popular 1.7 m rake, it doubles output and width instantly while keeping labour costs down. Thanks to a clever frame operated hydraulically from the cab, it folds easily to a transportable size.

Then there’s the aptly named Super 500 which scarifies, fraise mows, flail mows, verticuts, sweeps and collects into a generous 2500 litre tank. It’s got Wiedenmann versatility written all over as it’s happy to work at heights up to 2.1 m and beavers away even in frosty conditions, vacuum packing its load.

Making a special appearance on A080 is sister product, the Groundpro Maredo MT200 series, and in particular the flex verticutter. While not supersize, it is definitely superfast.   Controlling thatch in the top layer is key; too much organic matter can be a problem. This removes thatch cleanly at good speed. Three independent floating heads and an ‘A’ frame with pivot point make turning simple, and importantly, every working second count.