The all new agria 9600 debuts at Saltex

Extra smart technology and a more robust build have future-proofed the all new agria 9600, remote controlled banks mower.

With excellent H&S credentials, the agria 9600 gives contractors and local authorities peace of mind.  Even steeper slopes can now be tackled as the mower’s capability increases by 10%, to 55°, making out of reach areas possible, and, potentially adding new terrain opportunities for users.

Staff risk is minimised because the operator can take a safe position up to 100 metres away. The 2021 version has a heavier duty design – thicker steel on the under carriage makes it sturdier and while caterpillar tracks come as standard, optional tracks with cleats can be purchased for challenging conditions and all weathers.

Electric motors and generator are more powerful and brushless.  Stronger and greased seal bearings have been introduced while the V-belt now tensions automatically. The brushless generator requires zero maintenance so instantly it is more reliable. Brushless drive motors also mean there is no need for 1000 hours replacement. The net result is a more precise fluent feel.

Sensor technology intervenes in critical circumstances by alerting the operator to hidden or harmful objects such as stones and shuts down immediately. A tilt sensor shuts down the machine if the control pad is dropped, or the operator stumbles, or if no motion is felt for three seconds. The hand-held control pad is now a LED screen with a dashboard display showing machine temperature and fuel gauge. It also sends a warning should the machine approach a critical slope or need refuelling.

The agria 9600 cuts and mulches in two directions and is effortless on a variety of applications, including fine turf, while offering an even faster way to adjust cutting height to between 50 -185 mm. With a working width of 112 cm it can cover up to 10,000 m² / hr assuming a forward speed of 10 km / hr making it very productive.

Innovative ‘electric hybrid drive’ allows the agria 9600 to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than other hydraulic concepts. Safety Extra Low Voltage (48V) electricity is generated as the petrol engine drives the mower blades and generator. Accordingly, the maintenance-free motors convert the current into powering the tracks. A replacement fuel cannister system makes refuelling safe and easy, even on difficult terrain.

The agria 9600 is available from Agria UK operating through a network of stocking dealers across the UK and Ireland, supported by the Wiedenmann UK team of Chas Ayres, Michael James and Andy Kerr on 0141 814 3366. @AgriaUK