Ritchie & Ritchie to introduce two new products at SALTEX

Our mission is to provide Golf Courses with a “go to” company to take on the problem of sourcing spare parts & equipment. Ritchie and Ritchie products is a father and son venture.

The Ritchie Turf Business started roughly 60 years ago and is currently a fourth-generation family business.

We introduce two new products into the market & to the SALTEX SHOW:


We have revolutionized the industry developing a bottom blade that is reversible with TWO cutting edges and two rows of holes. We believe this is the product the industry needs as the blade is made of the highest quality steel, offers double the life span of the conventional bottom blade, cuts greenskeepers costs and has a positive impact on the environment.

Hardness: Rockwell C Scale 50-52 which is consistent throughout the length of our blades, this ensures a straight wear pattern.

OUR Bottom Blade is manufactured from a spring type steel with high carbon content, chrome/nickel alloys and has a polished finish.

The Reversible blade is guaranteed to be perfectly straight and NO or MINIMAL BACK LAPPING is required to seat the bottom blade to the cylinder assuming the cylinder is in good condition. Our blades do not vary more than 0.00984 inch or ¼ mm over the total length making it a perfect fit.

The Reversible blade meets the highest industry specifications and cannot be compared to CHEAP imported blades and can only be compared to genuine OEM or premium quality blades. We have tested our blades extensively and they will not leave any clippings on the exposed row of holes.

Environmentally Friendly:
It is a known fact that to manufacture 1 ton of steel the carbon gas emissions are between 1.2 to 3 tons of CO2. Our blades effectively half the emissions required to manufacture two blades.

Replaces Part Numbers:
TORO 93-4263 JOHN DEERE ET17533 JACOBSEN 503478
Patented in the following countries and territories:
South Africa United Kingdom European Union USA China Australia (pending)
See the reversible bottom blade in action:


We have developed the adjustable rotary blade for the simple reason that there are too many variations of brands and models of machines.

1. The blade carrier or bar has an array of holes for the different cut sizes and therefore the cutting blades can be arranged to fit almost every cutting width of mower.
2. The blade carrier or bar does not need to be replaced.
3. Only the swing cutting blades need to be replaced.
4. The swing blades are designed to take impacts such as roots, stones and anything that COULD be in the mowers way.
5. The blade tips will swing away on impact and return to their cutting positions.
6. By using this system, the blade will not bend or break as a conventional bar blade will.
7. The swing cut blade system will extend your belt life as the blade cannot get stuck.
8. The swing blades will protect your spindle shaft from breaking.
9. A cleaner cut achieved as the swing blades or tips are only 3 mm in thickness and will stay sharp much longer than a thicker standard bar blade.
10. Cost to replace is also cheaper.
11. Less steel is used therefore converting to this system, carbon emissions reduce as a conventional bar blade only uses a 1/3 of the total length of the blade before having to be replaced.

Patents for THE REVERSIBLE BOTTOM BLADE in the following countries and territories:
South Africa
United Kingdom
European Union
Australia (pending)