Rhenac Sport LED will be presenting the GAME CHANGER in grass grow lighting

Rhenac Sport LED will be presenting the GAME CHANGER in grass grow lighting at the SALTEX show at the NEC Birmingham

Grass requires different coloured light and light intensity in the different stages of its lifespan.

Scientists at Rhenac Sports have managed to identify the various light needs for grass and replicate this by means of LED technology. CLS is the ability to produce the entire scope of colours that exist. As CLS is a cold light source, infra-red heat can be added automatically. This means that CLS will never cause heat stress, while the energy used to produce light will always be limited to the bare minimum.

It’s the CLS and how the knowledge is used and implemented that separates Rhenac Sports LED from other players in the industry. Delivering CLS is only possible when the best quality LEDs are sourced and are directed by precisely written software and use the best possible driver technology. This allows Rhenac Sports LED to translate its knowledge about grass and its broad desire for light wavelengths or colours into delivering accurate lighting.

“The Rhenac R-BL-1750 unit covers a full pitch and is a fully automated grass grow system.“ Sensors map the grass condition and instruct the delivery of light and light intensity accordingly. “Irrigation, liquid fertilizing or field heating can be added to make it become a fully automated system.” Rhenac Sports LED uses the same technology for its R-ML30, R-ML100 and R-ML200 mobile units that can be used to supplement light to only parts of the field. “The same philosophy was also used for the development of the U-VC grass care technology. Here, the condition of the grass is improved by using light to deny algae, fungi and diseases their preferred growing conditions.”

Fully automated

This summer, Rhenac GreenTec complement its portfolio by adding the R-BL-1750 technology. “It is the top top of the range technology when it comes to grass grow and grass care and what is possible when you merge the latest technology. The R-BL-1750 is a fully-automated system that can cover a full field,” Arnoud Fiolet points out. The VELTINS Arena, home to German football club Schalke’04, is the first to have the technology fitted. Two 80m-wide steel beams with cross-sections, span the field. The beams move along the field on a rail at a speed of over 12 m/min.

The system is equipped with sensors that record many different parameters, including heat requirements, nutrient saturation, soil moisture and temperature, and the ambient climate. The condition of the turf and the environmental influences are captured in a digital logbook.

Upon evaluation of this data, the CLS control system can provide the grass with individual light spectra, appropriate light intensity and infrared heat, automatically or according to the greenkeeper’s specifications. It is also possible to fit irrigation, heaters, liquid fertilization as well as a UV-C grass care technology to the beam. Once integrated into the technology that monitors the pitch condition and controls the technology, it offers greenkeepers a lot of flexibility. It can be controlled specifically or zone-wise as the various care programmes for length growth, leaf branching, root optimisation, lawn drying, prevention of fungal diseases and others can differ. The programmes are constantly being expanded, in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich.

Units for different needs

The R-BL-1750 is, without a doubt, the top of the range when it comes to growing and maintaining stadium fields with pinpoint accuracy and fully automatically. “Its smart technology will help stadium managers reduce their reliance on electricity or additives to supplement a grass field or support its growth and recuperation. The pinpoint accuracy will go a long way to improve the sustainability score of maintaining a healthy and dense grass pitch,” Arnoud Fiolet sums up. The Rhenac GreenTec R-ML 30 and R-ML200 units benefit from the same technology. “These units cover a smaller section of the field. They come in handy when supporting and supplementing the grass in a small section of the field, like the goal mouth or penalty box.”

One thing the LED technology doesn’t differentiate in, is the difference between cold season or warm season grasses. “The technology can be tuned for both types of grass and for dealing with a wide variety of climate or geological conditions.” The best proof that the Rhenac GreenTec is successful in any condition is the fact that the LED grass grow technology is used by stadium managers in southern America, Europe, and, most importantly, Scandinavia. “The cold temperatures and long winter period place a high demand on the technology used. The fact that the Rhenac GreenTec LED grass grow technology has been embraced here is living testimony that it is effective and that it delivers,” Arnoud Fiolet concludes. His company, RSI SPORTS, is the exclusive distributor of the technology. RSI SPORTS offers reliable, sustainable, innovative technology to build and maintain high-quality sports infrastructure, regardless of the local conditions. The Rhenac GreenTec LED grass grow technology fits perfectly in our portfolio and we also have the expertise to advise on, or assist in any stadium project, or to help out stadiums improving their sustainability score without jeopardizing the quality of their natural grass or hybrid playing field.