Portable bowser launch from Demon

Demon International are launching the latest machine in the market leading portable bowser machines. The Tornado Maxi-Bowser has 50% more water capacity than the current models with 225ltr water tank. A lot of bowser pressure washers are used on site for general cleaning and wheel washing and we feel that the Maxi-Bowser offers an option on the towed bowsers. The Maxi-Bowser has a range of benefits including:

  • Return to tank unloading saving excess seal wear.
  • Ball valve filling for constant use.
  • Anti-puncture tyres.
  • Ease of storage for security.
  • Heavy duty hose reel with 30m of hose as standard.

All of these are standard fits on the Tornado Maxi-Bower as we have looked at where problems occur and looked to remove them to keep reliability as high as possible. There are a range of engine and pump options up to 2900psi/15ltrs min.

Demon International continues to look forward to develop industrial pressure washers which complement the needs of the industry. As time moves on it is becoming more problematic to find drivers with a towing license and the Tornado Maxi-Bowser offers an alternative to site tow units which offer flexibility in the cleaning required and security when not being used as it can be locked away.