Meet Lagan Valley Scientific

Deborah Cox introduces this unique company

I run a micro-company that is a little bit niche: Half the business is routine diagnostics where clients who have a turf issue can send a sample to The Turf Clinic for analysis. The other half of the business is independent research where product manufacturers (or curious turf managers) want to find out a little more about biological properties in their turf or how a product works.

Myself and my special advisor, Colin Fleming, will be present at the stand at Saltex. Colin recently retired though he is well known/respected in the industry. Despite ‘retiring’, he is still active in the turf industry and this will be a good chance for many who know him to drop by and wish him well/keep in contact.

My plans for the show are very simple;

  1. Meet, greet, and strengthen relationships. In my line of business confidentiality & trust is critical & I haven’t actually met any clients in person as the business started during the COVID19 pandemic in 2020.
  2. A limited number of appointments will be available and turf managers will be invited to submit a sample to the lab for a complementary cyst nematode activity assessment between specific dates. 100 assessments will be available & all materials to send a sample will be provided. T&Cs will apply.
  3. I am giving a talk (“soil management”) alongside Alex Vickers as part of the learning live experience. It has been a while since giving an in-person talk…I’m hoping I can recall how to be sociable!