Introduction of Selectline line marking paints in the UK

During the upcoming Saltex exhibition in Birmingham, visitors will notice a new major player in the market of line marking paints: the company ‘Selectline’. Selectline has been selling line marking paints in North West Europe successfully for many years and now the UK will be one of their new focus countries.

Selectline is both a developer and a manufacturer of paints, which provides them a great opportunity to develop innovative products and to ensure a fast delivery time. The line marking company is present with factories in four countries: The Netherlands, France, Canada and China. Before, the company has sold their products mainly by private labels but is now entering the market under their own name ‘Selectline’.

The range of products consists of high-quality concentrates and ready-to-use paints. In addition, Selectline offers marketing packages to their distributors to launch the products the best way possible.

Interested in finding out how Selectline can benefit you? Visit the Selectline booth (B112) at the Saltex exhibition!