Industry shows support quotes for new SALTEX dates

The recent announcement that SALTEX will be rescheduling from November 2020 to Spring 2021, has been met with enthusiastic support.

“COMPO EXPERT UK is fully supportive of the move to the spring 2021 for SALTEX. The decisive action taken by the GMA offers reassurance and clarity in these uncertain times. We are happy to be exhibiting and look forward to another excellent event.”

Gerald Bonner, Managing Director, COMPO EXPERT

“We’re happy to support the change and although a tough decision I congratulate the GMA for taking it so early and giving great clarity.”

Vinny Tarbox, Sales Manager, MTD Specialty Turf Products

“It’s a wise decision under the current circumstances. This early intervention makes perfect sense for everyone involved in the exhibition and Etesia UK fully supports it.”

Les Malin, Managing Director, Etesia UK

“We are pleased to see the GMA take decisive steps to deal with the growing doubt and anxiety about SALTEX going ahead in November. It would have been a difficult decision for a variety of reasons, but for us the right one to remove uncertainty and replace it with a forward date that we can look forward to with optimism. Early March keeps us in the ‘pre-season’ window to be able to give focus to the exhibition before the pressures of the season takeover.”

David Cole, Managing Director, Reesink Turfcare

“Rescheduling SALTEX to March 2021 was a good decision. We have some extremely exciting product launches and the March dates fit nicely into our schedule. Also, we are collaborating closely with the organisers to further improve the visitor experience and this move now gives us more time to implement all the plans for the coming show. Our team is really looking forward to the March show.”

Raimo Ala-Korpi, Managing Director, Avant Tecno

“At Dennis and SISIS we agree with the decision. In these difficult times the industry will need its trade show and we believe that the postponement until March 2021 is the right decision for both exhibitors and visitors.”

Roger Moore, Sales and Marketing Manager, Dennis and SISIS

“It’s a great decision to move SALTEX to March 2021. The GMA has had to think about people’s safety and the government restrictions put in place but I believe the new dates will actually be more beneficial because we’ll be able to arrange demonstrations with prospective new customers straight after the show.

With the show previously in November, we would meet lots of visitors on our stand but quite often we would not be able to carry out demonstrations for them until the new year due to the unpredictable weather. Now we will have the whole of Spring to visit SALTEX customers.

I think that the show in March could ensure a great start to the year for the company. GKB is fully supportive of the move and we are all looking forward to SALTEX 2021.”

Tom Shinkins, UK Operations Manager, GKB Machines

“The decision to postpone the largest show of the year couldn’t have been easy but the decisive action, coupled with the determination to put the health and well-being of our industry professionals first, is something we are proud to support.”

Caroline Shaw, European Marketing Manager, Trimax Mowers

“TLS believe it is the right decision to reschedule Saltex to March. TLS was looking forward to sharing some great new products to the industry but, safety comes first. It is paramount that Saltex is carried out in a safe manner. We look forward to seeing everyone at SALTEX in March. Stay safe!”

Mark Sinnett, Director of Business Development, TLS Lighting

“Sad news but the right decision. I always see SALTEX as a great way to finish off the cricket season but now it is going to be a nice warmup for next season. I’m looking forward to March 2021.”

Karl McDermott, Head Groundsman, Lord’s

“A sensible decision which allows everyone to concentrate on the here and now and then focus for 2021.”

Neil Stubley, Head of Courts and Horticulture at the All English Lawn and Tennis Club, Wimbledon

“As a team I actively encourage all of my staff to attend SALTEX, as I feel individually and collectively, we can take something from the show. We always make every effort to attend due to the value we get from it. Last year, SALTEX gave all my staff the opportunity to view and test the products we had on the shortlist for our new training centre. ”

“We will use SALTEX 2021 to understand what products are available, what is coming to market and specifically challenge our suppliers to look to the future. The show gives us that real opportunity to explore what is available in the marketplace.”

“Grounds people across the country from all sectors have faced some real challenges and have become more resourceful than ever before. SALTEX, I believe, will give us a great opportunity to share our stories, help and support each other as we look to come out the other side of this unprecedented situation.”

John Ledwidge, Head of Sports Turf & Grounds at Leicester City FC

“SALTEX provides an opportunity to see and meet manufacturers and to look at the products in the flesh. I always keep an open mind as to what we may need. As the show gets closer, we will be aware of specific problems we need to resolve and will then look for solutions at SALTEX.”

“I always encourage my team to attend the show as well because I ask them to look for innovative ideas that could potentially improve our sites and make our time more productive.”

“At SALTEX 2021, it will be great to see most of the industry together again at one venue. I’m looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.”

Dave Roberts, Liverpool FC’s Senior Manager of Grounds Management