Martin Lishman Ltd

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Martin Lishman Ltd

Stand No. E080

Martin Lishman Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of Compact Amenity Sprayers. The versatile Mini-Spray, Midi-Spray and Micro-Spray models are suitable for a wide range of amenity spraying applications including golf courses, sports turf, school playing fields and paddock spraying, with users consistently reporting excellent results.

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Compact Sprayers from Martin Lishman

Martin Lishman design and manufacture compact sprayers for agriculture, horticulture, sports turf and amenity spraying. ATV, Tractor Mounted, Demount and Trailed versions are available with a choice of tank and boom sizes.


Combining control and power with responsive easy handling, the Martin Lishman Micro-Spray pedestrian sprayer is designed for all types of sports grounds, golf courses and landscaping work. The Micro-Spray now comes with an upgraded specification, making it more versatile in a wider range of situations.


The Martin Lishman Mini-Spray range are aimed at small scale spraying applications. Suited to fit a wide range of vehicles, models are available with Standard or PRO specification and a choice of boom and pump sizes.


The Midi-Spray range is aimed at larger, more intensive spraying tasks such as agriculture, horticulture, sports turf and amenity spraying. Available in Trailed, Tractor and Demount form, models are available with Standard or PRO specification and a choice of tank, boom and pump sizes. The compact dimensions of the machine keep it within the width of most vehicles, allowing easy access to all areas and reduced damage through collision. Easy removal of the unit allows vehicles to be kept completely universal.