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Fusion Media (Europe) Limited

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Fusion Media is a full service marketing and corporate communications agency and work across all media channels delivering award winning, high quality public relations, marketing, advertising, design, social media marketing and training, photography, event management, and digital media services to a wide range of local, national and international clients.

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Public Relations

We specialise in helping companies to realise their true potential through dogged hard work and clever PR strategies. We stand side by side with all of our clients to help them build and communicate their brands, messages and reputations. Our campaigns are targeted at a combination of print and online media, both consumer and trade, and include press releases, copy writing and photo shoot styling. We also help our clients with collaborations, crisis management, corporate social responsibility, networking, brand management and their own websites.


By understanding your marketing needs, whether for a single project or as part of a 12 month strategic roll-out, we can complement your requirements with solid tried and tested experience second to none. As an ideas-led creative solutions provider; we can partner with your marketing department, bolstering long term objectives with innovative deployments, backed up with years of knowledge and expertise. If your marketing department is somewhat thin on the ground, we can act as fully outsourced team focused on your business success.