Fairway Wheels Ltd

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Fairway Wheels Ltd

Stand No. E026

Importer of Electric road legal light weight utility vehicles, trucks and golf buggies.
All available with optional Lithium battery packs and all can be road registered.
Our Customer are Local Authorities, Caravan & Holiday Parks, Golf Courses, Leisure facilities, Festivals and Events, Private Individuals.

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10% Discount off all orders placed by 31st December, for March 2022 delivery, Quoting Code Saltex 2021

Fairway Wheels Electric vehicle range

Fairway Wheels Ltd, home of road legal electric vehicles

Provision of electric vehicles and Golf Buggies, which can be made fully road legal and also have Lithium battery packs fitted. All vehicles are suitable for use in the following business categories. Local Authorities, Hotels, Caravan and Holiday Parks, Industrial Sites and Warehouses, Garden Centres, Golf Courses, Shows, Events, Etc.