Ethanol-free Aspen Fuel, the focus of stand M055 at SALTEX

Aspen are returning to SALTEX this November to discuss their range of ethanol-free Alkylate fuels, offering a cleaner alternative for both 2 and 4-stroke engines. Following the recent switch to E10 grade at the UK petrol pumps, operators of garden and grounds machinery can find out more about the increased risks of reliability issues, attributable to the increased ethanol content, with a stop by stand M055.

To help in the government’s target of reducing carbon emissions, the ethanol content of regular grade unleaded petrol (95 octane) has been increased from 5% to 10% as from September 2021. For modern car engines, designed to handle E10 fuel, few problems are expected. However, ethanol being a solvent that is damaging to plastic and rubber, E10 threatens to shorten the life of certain system components in some older engines and contribute towards the poor running of small power equipment.

In addition, ethanol also reduces the storage life of petrol, with many leading manufacturers recommending that fuels containing ethanol be consumed within a 30-day period in order to minimise the problems associated with degradation.

Being free from ethanol as well as benzene, sulphur and many other harmful substances, Aspen Alkylate petrol improves not only the reliability and performance of your equipment, but the working conditions for the operator. The fuel also significantly reduces the harmful impact your machinery makes on the environment.

The Aspen team will be on hand across the two days to answer any questions and discuss the range of package and delivery options available – giving commercial customers the flexibility to specify their fuel by the container, pallet or drum to best suit their usage, transportation and storage requirements.