CoirProducts – Bringing You Environmentally Sustainable Products is the first company in the UK and Northern Ireland to offer an extensive and innovative range of coir-based products. Our online shop launched at the beginning of 2020, providing customers in the horticultural and erosion control sectors with biodegradable, eco-friendly products made from coir. Coir, a waste product of the coconut industry, is made from the dust and fibres of the coconut husk, and being such a natural product, it has minimal harm on the environment. Coir fibres are naturally resistant to rot, mould and moisture build-up, so they do not need to be chemically treated, further protecting our environment.

Our founder has been in the industry since 2006, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences. In our early days, we were mainly supplying coir-based goods by the container-load to our customers around the world. While we continue to do this even today, working within this industry, we encountered an urgent gap, where we felt customers were being overcharged for some of the products they buy in smaller quantities. This is where CoirProducts stepped in, providing to both the trade sector and smaller customers.

For Saltex 2021, we are proud to present our inventive variety of erosion control products, which are designed to help you, and the environment. Our Coir Netting (geotextiles) can be used in the form of a vegetated cover, and can help accelerate the growth of vegetation on river banks and slopes. Coir Netting is widely used for soil stabilisation and soil reinforcement as well as for landscaping and erosion control applications.

Coir Logs help promote vegetation restoration of wetland environments, and prevent the disintegration of slopes, river banks, shorelines, and other inclined territories. They are simple and easy to place, and can be introduced into an existing system. Our Coir Pallets can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to grow a mix of wetland plants, but can also be used to help control wind erosion. Coir Pallets can also be supplied pre-seeded to get you started on vegetation growth.

Our Coir Sheets help control the growth of unwanted weeds, Jute Geotextiles are an effective method for soil erosion control, and our Coir Matting, a combination of the Coir Sheet and the Coir Netting protects against erosion and encourages vegetation

We ensure that ethical practices are followed throughout the process of production and sourcing of products. Providing fair wages and ensuring that fair work practices are followed are central to what we do and how we conduct our business.

From the start of the manufacturing process, we work towards empowering communities, including supporting the cottage industry and contributing towards rural economic development. Back at the factory, our corporate social responsibility programmes focus on helping local children. Locally, we support charities such as the Chestnut Tree House, contributing a portion every month towards their causes.

Visit our page to read our full story and find out more about our products, or email to enquire further. And if you’re a visitor or exhibitor at Saltex 2021, come say hello to find out more about, you can find us at Stand J189.