CirculOil launches new Fargo Oil Change System

CirculOil is pleased to announce the launch of its new Fargo oil change system at the 2021 SALTEX show.

The Fargo system is a revolutionary oil management system that brings circularity & efficiency to engine lubrication. Providing a quick, green and smart oil & filter change in just 90 seconds, allowing the oil to be collected and re-used, unlike most used oil of nowdays.

Surprisingly, today only one-third of used engine oil is currently re-refined. This means a large amount of oil is lost, mostly ending up in the environment contaminating clean water and soil. But CirculOil’s closed loop supply chain makes it possible for 100% of the collected used oil to be re-refined into new, high quality lubricant. Ready for it to be used again.

Why is collection and re-refining so important? From the billion litres of lubricant, just one drop of oil pollutes millions litres of water; making it unfit to drink, and fatally dangerous to wildlife. If the oil is collected but then burnt, this increases Greenhouse Gas emissions to worrying levels. But, if we collect and re-refine used lubricant we would be 60% more efficient, reducing CO2 emissions from 50% to 80%.

At CirculOil we like thinking of engine oil as a renewable resource. In fact, we’ve proved it is possible to re-refine used engine oil, restoring it to a good-as-new quality, so that it can be reused over and over again!

The secret to   enabling the creation of high quality oil is using it’s a unique Circular Ecosytem.

Our patented Fargo oil change system can be retro-fitted onto most off-highway machines. It is made up of a removable cartridge which contains the oil filter and oil. And it is sealed, so that it keeps the oil segregated from contaminants, ensuring all used oil is collected, and suitable for re-refining.

If you’d like to know more, visit or get in touch via if you’d like to get your Fargo oil change system now.