Big-hearted Wiedenmann machines, perfect multi-taskers

Multi-purpose machines are on trend, so Wiedenmann’s most versatile kit will take centre stage at stand A080.

Wiedenmann’s Super 500, sweeper collector, scarifier and flail mower is used day-in, day out for leaf clearance, rough management, and multiple collecting tasks. With a 2 500-litre tank and a high dump capacity to 2.1 m, it tips into trailers to save on time and resources.


The Whisper Twister blower has a unique patented mechanism that can be swivelled steadily by 180º with only one hydraulic cylinder. Leaves can be blown continuously in one direction without the need to back up. The swivel nozzle lets you work from left to right in one pass without the need to turn and adjusts vertically. Operating at 540 rpm, the impressive airflow of 200 m³ per minute at 50 m per second is delivered with minimum noise.

In the world of deep aeration, the Terra Spike GXi8 HD, is as versatile as it gets with its Advanced Tine Control (ATC) system. Engineered to increase performance in the soil it also improves the finish to the surface.  The machine leaves a perfect vertical hole or heave can be introduced infinitely, to suit the conditions on the day.  Whether breaking heavily compacted soil down to 250 mm or carrying out a summer aeration programme on fine turf, the operator can rest assured that other than the desired tined hole, surface disruption is non-existent.   With a total of seven solid tine options, seven hollow tine options, and two multi head options available plus turf retainers and swath boards, variety is well served.